Cloud-Based Call Center as a Service

Solid, Affordable, Cloud Based Software That Improves Performance

Streamline your operations, whether your calls are inbound, outbound, or both. DialedIn (formerly ChaseData) CCaaS is the call center software suite that keeps you TCPA compliant, guarantees security (PCI DSS, HIPAA HITECH, and SOC2), eliminates SCAM LIKELY all while boosting call center profits.

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DialedIn's Call Center as a Service Software Starts with 3 Distinct Advantages.


Fast and Easy Deployment

DialedIn CCaaS doesn't require weeks or months to get your call center up and running – we can have you up and running in a matter of hours. Our clients rate us five stars on Capterra® for a reason, and that's because we deliver enterprise-class performance to real world call centers like yours in record time.

DialedIn CCaaS upgrades are always FREE and delivered automatically. Your call center is always up to date and always leveraging the most advanced call center technology available.


Basic Training Is A Snap

Training a snap because DialedIn's highly intuitive software is powerful yet remarkably easy to learn and master. Your agents can pick up the needed knowledge in just a few minutes. Point, click, go, and your agents can handle incoming calls, make outgoing calls, escalate calls, all while calls are logged, recorded, and transcribed (speech to text) automatically.

Managers have easy, intuitively presented access to robust analytics, complex contact data management, and their agents' computer screens and voice conversation. All easily accessible whether the teams are at the office or working remotely


Zero-Coding Integrations

"Zero-coding integration" simply means that you have 100% access to all of your vital data with no stress, no fuss, and no in-house programing. Everything from web apps, to the real-time critical third-party APIs that you rely on are easily accessed. Popular automation scripting platforms like Zapier® are also fully supported and used by call centers as easy integration tools.

DialedIn's CCaaS arrives with popular application integrations built-in (Salesforce, Oracle, Hubspot, and more), robust CTI and DialedIn's open API is also available. Our engineering and development teams are very experienced with integrating virtually any data source into our platform.

DialedIn CCaaS Software Highlights

Predictive Dialing

Skills-Based ACD

Cloud Based




DialedIn's Cloud-Based Software Has Proven Effective For Over 23 Years

Expert Tech Support

DialedIn's In-house, US-based technical support is all about being reactive, quick and creative. There is no doubt that technical support is vital. Our agents ensure that your business can get the most out of our technology.

Better Tools for Success

Placing your call center agents in front of live customers quickly and efficiently is DialedIn’s mission. Our software is engineered to streamline complicated workflows. With skill based call routing customers are automatically assigned to agents with the most relevant skill or licensing. Intelligent outbound call strategies improve live connect rates up to 300%

APIs You Already Use

Supercharge call center efficiency and provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. Native and API integrations allow your agents to leverage the tools they need in one intuitive platform. No more manually tracking communications and data in separate spreadsheets, applications, and databases.

Unrivaled Uptime

We understand that downtime events can lead to lost revenue, productivity, and even tarnished brand image. The team at DialedIn is dedicated to achieving an uptime of 99.99% or above. We already provide market leading reliability, and continue to innovate and adapt to ensure operations meet that target.

Data Privacy and Security Are Built-In

PCI Compliance

DialedIn is a PCI DSS Service Provider, engages an annual assessment by Independent Qualified Security Auditor to perform assessments of our control environment to ensures the security of credit, debit, and cash card transactions are all within a PCI compliant environment.

HIPAA Compliance

DialedIn has designed and implemented all appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards for Protected Health Information in transit and at rest in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH.

SOC2 Attestation

DialedIn's SOC 2 Type 1 attestation provides an independent verification that DialedIn has developed, implemented, operates and maintains security controls for data protection and regulatory compliance purposes.

TCPA Compliance

DialedIn CCaaS ensures your company stays TCPA compliant with Do Not Call (DNC) integrations, rules for auto-dialing and predictive dialing, curfew hours, and more.

The DialedIn Engineering Team's Latest Updates

Speech 2 Text & Text 2 Speech Technology

DialedIn CCaaS introduces technology that will accurately transcribe call recordings into time/date coded ASCII text to streamline QA, compliance, and agent coaching.

Methods for Eliminating Spam Likely

DialedIn CCaaS introduces technology to combat drops in call contact rates resulting from SPAM LIKELY. Verified and registered clients now enjoy significant books in live answer contact rates

Secure Mobile KPI Dashboard Portal

DialedIn CCaaS adds a new tool for monitoring KPIs and mining the insight required for call center success. The Mobile KPI Portal allows authenticated users to securely access all critical KPIs and reports from any mobile device.

Infinite Agent Support Architecture

DialedIn CCaaS now supports an unlimited number of agents on a single secure cloud cluster. All call center resources are managed from a single Admin App.

Automated Ringless Voicemail Drops

DialedIn CCaaS delivers variable data, natural speech synthesis messages directly into your customers voicemail boxes with out initiating an annoying ring. Clients use this feature for reminders, updates and a number of other campaigns.

WYSIWYG Script Creator & Editor

DialedIn CCaaS creating rich, multi-threaded scripts with embedded forms and variable data has never been easier. The simplicity of drag-and-drop data fields combined with What You See Is What You Get editing of fonts, links, etc. speeds up script management.