Inbound & Blended Auto Dialer System

Who Doesn’t Want Better Stats?

Blending your contact center creates more opportunities. You can improve efficiency, drop hold times, reduce agents’ idle time, give inbound calls priority over outbound sales calls, and much more. You can even meet your customers where they are on social media, email text and chat.

Outbound Call Center Campaign

An outbound call center campaign enables you to fine tune every target group of leads or customers with a specific set of rules.

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Inbound Call Center Campaign

An inbound call center campaign delivers the call and customer information to the right agent.

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Blended Call Center Campaign

A blended call center campaign allows common treatment and agent handling for leads for which both inbound and outbound calling occurs.

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Just The FAQs

Can I use my existing numbers with your software?

Yes, we can port those numbers over from your existing carrier to one of ours, and can use those numbers for inbound and outbound functionality.

Can we have calls forwarded to an outside number within the IVR?

Yes, we can set you up with a personalized number (DID) that will be forwarded seamlessly to a number of your choosing.

"I've been using this system for about a year now and can say after a full years cycle the benefits of this dialing system far out weigh any others I had reviewed. Extremely easy to tailor and customize every campaign to each agents specific skill set. The customer service and live help chat have been phenomenal with literally 60 second or less response time. Whole system was an easy setup with in a hour or to switched and up and running making the process less intimidating to switch over to this power station system."

Ted Manikas

Supervisor, TJA


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