Campaign Management

Fully Control Your Call Center Behavior

Campaign management allows you to create and manage campaigns and more fully control how leads and customers are treated in a segmented and targeted way. DialedIn’s CCaaS enables you to blend together different configurable pieces to form your own custom set of rules.

DialedIn’s campaign management offers your call center a number of benefits, including:

  • Tailoring treatment to target audiences
  • Adapting to changing conditions by quickly incorporating and modifying components
  • Controlling every detail of campaign behavior
  • Allowing for reusability, efficiency and maintainability
  • Allow agents as little or as much decision-making capabilities as your business needs
  • Quick incorporation of agents without requiring extensive training

Your high-volume outbound call center will operate better and more efficiently using DialedIn’s campaign management, because it provides great flexibility and depth, and allows quick incorporation of agents with minimal training.

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