Routing Rules

Use Rules to Handle Your Calls

Routing rules enables you to handle leads and customers in a cost-effective and flexible way through the use of smart call handling rules. DialedIn's CCaaS allows you to use outbound and inbound rules that take agent and queue availability, agent skills, time and other criteria into question.

DialedIn's routing rules offers your call center a number of benefits, including:

  • Allowing owners and managers to set up rules and campaigns for both inbound and outbound communications
  • Optimizing call distribution to agents based on combinations of key parameters and conditions
  • Tools to configure rules using a targeted and segment approach
  • The ability to better reach your target audience

Your high-volume outbound call center will operate better and more efficiently using DialedIn's CCaaS routing rules, because it will enable you to better reach your target audience and properly handle your customers.

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