Skill-Based Priority Call Assignment

Assign Calls Based on Skills

Skills-Based Priority Call Assignment, or Skill Priority, allows for skills-based dialing by assigning outbound calls to agents on a priority basis according to their skills. Agents receive outbound calls based on outbound dialing priorities for their skill group. DialedIn's CCaaS allows you to define priorities for a custom set of leads and assign them to a particular skill group.

DialedIn's skills-based priority call assignment offers your call center a number of benefits, including:

  • Optimizes matching of lead to agent
  • Makes better use of agent skills
  • Boosts agent productivity and revenue
  • Improves workforce management

Your high-volume outbound call center will operate better and more efficiently using DialedIn CCaaS, because it will allow you to manage your workforce and boost your agents’ productivity.

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